Driver Inc.

Driver Inc., Dr. INC., Employee Inc.

Open letter to:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,
Marc Garneau, MOT,
Patty Hajdu, MOH,

All Opposition Leaders,

"Driver Inc." , Dr. INC., Employee Inc.  are all SYMPTOMS  of a very sick Trucking Industry and labour market. It is also a SYMPTOM of an erosion of confidence in government services.

Because DRIVER PAY is so low, it provides the ILLUSION that the truck driver is making a little more money.

Legal or Illegal?

MANY Labour Laws are broken in Trucking every day, by EVERYONE!

Technically, "Driver Inc" is supposed to be ILLEGAL according to the letter & spirit of "The Law". But it has been around for over 20 to 30 (twenty to thirty) YEARS, and is proliferating exponentially! So how can this be "illegal"?

There are MANY other LAWS that are not enforced.

At some point the government needs to do a HOUSE CLEANING of "LAWS". There are way too many! Many are unenforceable, some are downright DANGEROUS, and others are IGNORED BY EVERYONE, including the government.

It is time to either UPDATE, ERADICATE, or else enforce the laws that actually make sense. And get rid of the rest.

In the USA more and more humongous, well known Carriers are being SUED for Labour Law Violations. This is epidemic in the industry! And such lawsuits will certainly make their way up north to Canada as more and more gain Traction in the USA.

Truck driver for Amazon sues companies for violating labor laws:

Lack of Enforcement:

By lack of enforcement, Driver Inc must be legal when done "LEGALLY". It appears that it can be perfectly legal in a world where the middle class (workers rights) are under siege.  Unfortunately, ALL GAINS go to pay the ACCOUNTANT, and other "costs of operating a business" such as bookkeeping, business chequing account fees... and other costs associated with running a one person business.

ALL RESPONSIBILITY for filing taxes and filling out paperwork is shifted to the Driver in the "Driver Inc" model. This saves the Driver Inc Carrier lots of money & responsibility.

If done "LEGALLY" then the Driver Inc driver does pay payroll taxes, GST/PST... and buys PRIVATE INSURANCE to replace a totally defunct & INADEQUATE Worker's Compensation Board regimen.

Under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who was a Champion for Workers Rights, this would all be ILLEGAL! After all, before entering politics he was the lawyer that fought for workers to win THE RIGHT TO UNIONIZE & STRIKE during the Asbestos Miners Strike in Quebec in 1949.

Asbestos Strike (1949): Turning Point in Quebec History | The Canadian Encyclopedia:



"The Three Wise Men"

"The Three Wise Men" changed Quebec & Canadian History, then went on to do the same in Canadian Politics:

Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Worker's Rights Lawyer to PM of Canada. 


Pierre Trudeau Wikipedia:


Jean Marchand ("Quebec/Canadian Hoffa"): Leader of the Asbestos Workers Strike in 1949 as Secretary of the Catholic Workers Confederation of Canada, (now the CSN) Union. Went on to be elected MP, and then became Minister of MANY portfolios in both the Pearson & Trudeau cabinets. He was the "Quebec/Canadian  Hoffa", but used political CLOUT and religious clout (backing of the Catholic Church) rather than mafia clout like Jimmy Hoffa in the USA. Hoffa fought government, (especially the Kennedys), while Jean Marchand became government!

Jean Marchand - Wikipedia:



Gerard Pelletier: Journalist for Le Devoir & La Presse to MP, and then on to Minister of various portfolios in the Trudeau cabinet.

Gérard Pelletier - Wikipedia:


Canada too had a "Hoffa"
Canada too had a "Hoffa". But Canadians being POLITE and FRIENDLY, Jean Marchand used the opposite techniques of the American Jimmy Hoffa to get respect, better wages & improved working conditions for Truck Drivers and other blue collar workers in Canada.


The well-known story of the Teamster Leader Jimmy Hoffa in the USA has been turned into several Hollywood Movies. Most notably the Blockbuster film "Hoffa" with Jack Nicholson & Danny Devito, (1992, ~2mins):

More recently, in 2019, Netflix released an epic 3 hour special about Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters called "The Irishman".

Watch "The Irishman Trailer on Netflix" on YouTube (~3mins):

Whereas Americans tend to like guns, violence and explosions, the "Canadian Hoffa" (Jean Marchand) used peaceful means such as persuasion, the media, politics and even religion. He got the backing of the Catholic Church in the days before the Quiet Revolution, when the church was still a mighty institution, especially in Quebec.

Jimmy Hoffa, on the other hand, was shown to have used the help of the Mafia to further the cause of The Teamsters and Workers Rights in the USA. These were very violent times in America. And in all fairness, he got involved with the mob because they offered him "protection" from beatings and other violence that were commonplace union-busting techniques in that era. Then things got out of hand. As violence usually escalates.

The "Canadian Hoffa" (Jean Marchand) was using PEACEFUL means to attain the same objectives in Canada during this same time period. No Hollywood film has ever been made about this. But the CBC produced an excellent documentary called:

"Reflections: The Trudeau Legacy (2001)" on YouTube (1h27min):

Maurice Duplesis, Premier of Quebec, used the same strong-arm tactics of violence and beating peaceful protesters as was used in the USA to discourage & stop such "activity". This is where Pierre Elliott Trudeau stepped in and became famous. He walked with the Strikers on their picket lines, witnessed what happened, and then represented them in Court as their lawyer. Pierre Trudeau became a hero to the common man &  labour movement in Canada.

"The Three Wise Men" revolutionized Canadian Labour Rights and Politics in Canada (in 1965):

The election of "The Three Wise Men" of Quebec: Pierre TrudeauJean Marchand ("The Quebec/Canadian Hoffa") & Gerard Pelletier in 1965 revolutionized Canadian Labour Rights and Politics in Canada.

But since Pierre TRUDEAU was friends with the "Hoffa of Quebec/Canada", (Jean Marchand), Federal Government Workers gained too many rights, and too much pay over the decades. Because of this, subsequent Federal Governments, (and Provincial Governments too), now use the EQUIVALENT OF DRIVER INC to hire "contract workers", or "autonomous workers" in order to SAVE MONEY ON PAY & BENEFITS, just like the  Driver Inc model!!!

In reality these "independent/autonomous"  workers are actually government employees and should get BENEFITS. But they don't. It is the same ploy "Driver Inc" uses.


Apparently the "EMPLOYEE INC" model has been adopted by medical doctors in Quebec. There is a Big RUCKUS going on in Quebec right now about "Dr. INC" which works like "Driver Inc.", and "Government Employee Inc.

More and More Quebec Doctors (MDs) are opting for "Dr. INC."

What are the Benefits of Incorporating? For physicians, incorporation is mostly done for the tax benefits:

Driver Inc., Autonomous Workers, Contractors:

Although the Driver Inc model would have been ILLEGAL under Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Workers Rights have been under attack for DECADES.  Today anything goes.

"Autonomous Workers" and "Contract Workers" are the equivalent of "Driver Inc".

Revenue CanadaDND (Department of National Defense), and probably every other branch of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT now uses contract workers to skirt Workers Rights. These bonafide EMPLOYEES are "let go", "layed off" one day short of a year, then REHIRED IN ANOTHER CONTRACT the very next Monday Morning!!!???

All to AVOID paying BENEFITS to the EMPLOYEE. This is highly CONTENTIOUS.

(Just like "Driver Inc.")

Pierre Elliott Trudeau's unholy alliance with unions and union leaders led to exorbitant costs of labour... which are now counteracted by NO RIGHTS for those not already in the gimmick.

They ALL DO IT!!!   Including the Federal & Provincial Governments!?


The benefits of "Driver Inc" are the same as for Doctors, or any other "Autonomous Worker":

But there are also disadvantages, like no Unemployment Insurance. What if your Carrier goes bankrupt like Celadon, or the other record  ~640 carriers that ceased operations in the first half of 2019?

What if you need HEALTH or ACCIDENT Insurance/Coverage but your cheap private plan does not cover this? Or only a small part?

In today's world where JOB SECURITY is non-existent for many, especially Truckers who change companies about every 2 to 3 years, are they really "employees" or effectively short term "contractors"?

To CIRCUMVENT THE LAW, to protect against UNIONIZATION, and to GET AROUND WORKER'S RIGHTS LAWS most if not all Big Carriers have an "employment agency" they own or contract out to. Drivers work for this "Driver AGENCY", and not the Carrier directly! This "driver agency" can be closed down if Drivers/workers unionize or labour becomes too expensive. The Carrier continues by simply using a new "driver agency".

This is all a ploy, or loophole to CIRCUMVENT LABOUR LAWS.
Driver IncDr. INC... Employee Inc. are all loopholes too.

All these loopholes undermine the very fabric of SOCIETY. But they are all "legal". If they actually are illegal, no one is enforcing the law. And a good lawyer could easily argue one way or the other. These Models are so PERVASIVE in today's Society, that it has become a hornet's nest.

This is all in response to a growing DISRESPECT & lack of CARING by corporations for anything other than the BOTTOM LINE: Short Term Profit irrespective of consequences to employees, consumers, the environment, the economy of the whole country,  or even  Basic Human DECENCY.

Driver Inc.Dr. INC., Employee Inc.

vs excessive union greed and excessive profit GREED


(a reasonable living wage & Social/Societal Responsibility):

Watch "Paul Tudor Jones II:

Why we need to rethink capitalism" on YouTube (~10mins):

Actually this is how capitalism is supposed to work in order to remain viable & sustainable without Uprisings, Revolutions nor Wars. GREED & corruption have perverted some people's concept of "capitalism".


EVERYTHING,  including DEMOCRACY, can be perverted without DUE DILIGENCE.